So begins this week's Wolf Whistle quest

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Well Im just RS3 gold going to generate a list of items I believe could be good to upgrade. Update old agility animations, they're awkward. Create hp meter green when poisoned, because people miss the little text alot("you have been poisoned!") Druids arms less. . .disproportional. Make fires look more realistic, instead of having the exact same fire every moment. (keep for godswords however ) Have max pursuit points shown, like - 184/250 quest points or something. Or have # of quests completed/# of quests.

Update water everywhere. Would take alot of effort but it would be well worth it (like rivers which actually move ) Show fish when you capture them such as barbarian fishing. Remove revenants. Make wild like it was however without drops. (till they can come up with a solution) because I hate being in a place no pker would ever be, then a 126 rev knight'randomly' kills you. Its not arbitrary, its guarenteed to occur after like 10 minutes. Make swords/long swords less skinny, or introduce wide swords. Round shields are nice and add some sophistication. Thats all I can think of atm. . Feel free to talk your ideas and Ill post/give you credit.

Strange obelisks have been spotted underground and at the farthest reaches of RuneScape. And what do they need to do with our new members-only skill, Summoning?

One obelisk particularly continues to be causing trouble for Taverley's most renowned summoner, Pikkupstix, as a giant wolpertinger has used it to break loose from the soul plane. . .thing is currently munching on Pikkupstix's bedclothes, and the druid needs your help to do a place of banishing...

So begins this week's Wolf Whistle quest, which you will have to finish if you would like to start training the Summoning ability, in much the same manner as Druidic Ritual opens up the Herblore skill. To get more info on how to begin Summoning, visit the Summoning - The Basics page in our Knowledge cheap RS gold Base.

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