The New Animated Film of the Classic "The Law of the Universe"

The New Animated Film of the Classic "The Law of the Universe" Will be Released This Fall


The third episode of the classic animated film series "The Law of the Universe: Elohim", which was first released in 2015, was officially announced today that it will be released this fall. At the same time, the latest trailer and posters will be released, so let's get a sneak peek.

The first part of "The Law of the Universe" "Secrets of UFO Academy" tells the story of 5 high school students kidnapped by aliens while exploring the truth of the school and discovering the "cosmic secrets" that could change the future of the earth. The protagonists have discovered the existence of aliens, and the future of the earth is at stake, but they are questioned by the school.

"The Law of the Universe: Elohim" will take "the truth of the earth" as the theme, and continue to tell the new adventure story of the cosmic people who live with the people on the earth and protect the home of the earth together.

The latest stills of "The Law of the Universe: Elohim Chapter":

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