I expect they are more balanced in 21

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For franchise they will need to let us be able Mut 20 coins to change abilities I can't stand my scrambling qb becoming caked and twist cycle when they can not conduct either.While I enjoy superstar skills, making Madden NFL players feel much more unique, I discovered x-factors to be underwhelming. I'd love to see both go if it signifies Madden NFL players depended more on their stats, rather than pass/fail on being able or not. Abilities ought to be a bonus for stats in certain states, not a gate for satisfactorily doing an action.No. This isn't NBA Jam. Three completions don't throw and unexpectedly you can throw the ball 70 yards or you're not able to be intercepted. You do not get charged up or something like that in real life thus keeping that in Madden NFL is 100% the wrong thing to do if we are discussing a football game. Rather than adjusting the apparent core issues with Madden, EA conceal it with flashy features that make no sense.

I'd say, they just need to do a better job of creating certain Madden NFL players stick out. The superstar abilities are annoying af the WR, CB, and Edge one. It is pretty retarded an edge Madden NFL player with a specific ability will literally shed the cube instantly each and every play until you do whatever needs to be done to get them to lose it. Same with receivers that speed to break away in the corner onto a route or a curl and can use super agility. It creates Madden NFL more like an arcade game and less like a realistic football game. You have corners knocking every ball that comes their way along with linebackers making tackles or catches out that nobody would ever have the ability to make. The superstar skills are like something youd.

I expect they are more balanced in 21. Some skills were OP. Escape Artist and pash Rush Elite were sport breaking. I believe a lot of the skills also made some evaluations and traits entirely irrelevant. I believe that any skills that affect speed or agility ought to be scrapped. Maybe even stuff that should probably be ascertained solely trait or by an already present rating...like jukebox and pass rush abilities. The only downside to this would be that you are pretty much left with QB abilities. So I could be incorrect about that making Madden NFL better.Is anyone hoping that EA loses the rights to madden if the contract is up?

EA is the firm that is very sh*t. Nothing but money grabbers who do not give 2. I swear they wake up each morning and think"What BS can we overhype today to generate money?" To get for being routine 2 draft packs is BS. To attempt and sell those"two for 1 draft bunch" knowing you're gonna pull nothing but silvers and 86s to buy Madden nfl 20 coins. And above all else you launch particular challenges to perform during the draft where you can get 86-98 draft Madden NFL player and that I pull 4 straight 86s?! Absolutely devastating. Don't get me started online gameplay. Am I going to play with madden again? Absolutely. Can I drop for EAs money grabbing schemes and gameplay? Absolutely. Am I a clown for ranting but giving? Absolutely.

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