More practical Ultimate Team Auctions will appear in Madden 22

According to the details recently revealed, Madden 22 auction will have an enormous change, with a Price Ranges feature.


With Madden 22 Ultimate Team, gamers can put together the NFL star list of their favorite team, or just form a team of the best player cards in the game. Players usually get it in a variety of ways, including gift packs or other promotional activities, such as completing challenges and buying enough Madden 22 Coins. However, there is also the Madden Auction House, where players can buy and sell player items in Ultimate Team. According to the details recently revealed, Madden 22 auction will have an enormous change, with a Price Ranges feature.

On Friday, June 25th, EA released several Gridiron Notes about the upcoming Madden 22 game. In a report, they discussed important franchise model updates, including an expanded coaching roster with a talent tree. They revealed some extra features of Ultimate Team Auctions. Their report allows players to understand how auction listing information will gain some additional aspects. The typical auction list settings still exist, including the duration, the starting price of the bid, the on or off option of “Buy Now”, and the immediate purchase price. However, a new set of information is also provided on the right to help buyers and sellers.

One section displays “Economic Information”, including the lowest available “Buy Now” price and the median price of the number of auctions currently in progress. The other part displays the “recent sales” information, while the third part includes the “price range”. The above features help gamers in Madden 22 Ultimate Team learn more about how to price the items they are trying to sell or decide how much they should pay for the items they want. In previous versions of the game, the game team needed additional steps to decide how to price the cards. For example, for Madden 21, game players must check the auction house list to decide how to Buy MUT 22 Coins. Now they can directly see the trend information they need. The price range will also appear on the Madden Companion App.

The growth in this area makes players feel the sincerity of EA. After more than a month, they can enjoy the fun of Madden 22. Although its pricing has increased by $10, it seems to be worth it based on what EA has now revealed. There will be more exciting updates in the follow-up. Players had better buy some Cheap Madden 22 Coins in advance to prepare.