OSRS Annual Survey: 2020

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I wish to thank youpersonally, seriously. There's been more than 10,000 Old School RuneScape Gold of you. I wish to deal with to. Firstly, a little bit of context how it came about and into this survey is something. We (as an Old School team and merchandise ) want to learn more about what you believe about RuneScape game, what you would like, (more importantly) what you do not want, how you'd like to listen to information, and then a few topical matters like polling and graphic alterations. We then worked together with the Research and Strategy staff to construct the survey.

There's a lot of feedback about the various pieces of contact information we are asking for. In hindsight, I believe we should be explaining why we're requesting it. We request a phone number so we can speak with you directly (it will definitely be someone from Jagex), and it won't ever be passed on anyone else. Therefore I really don't see why we shouldn't be asking for a Discord contact some people clearly are not comfortable providing that. I think when we're asking for a contact email, the exact same could apply. There seem to be problems with the image questions, especially on mobile. We should do better to test on multiple devices. Apologies there.

Regarding the question, I believe we should have clarified what we hoped to actually learn. It seems a great deal of people were expecting something as simple as"do you mind a toggle-able HD upgrade?". Maybe we ought to ask that question also, but for us it is about identifying what you believe that should look like, as well as helping to see whether you think newer content (like Prif) feels Old School or not. There was some discrepancy in the way we order replies, such as when Strongly Agree is on the left for some questions, but about the right for others. Apologies that shouldn't happen.

Ultimately, we're not trying to direct you with questions in any way. Individuals are mentioning about us trying to induce a new ability in - answering that you're opposed to a different ability is the best way to ensure that we do not spend some time designing and polling things like Warding. Similarly people mention the poll questions as being leading. We are requesting that because in light of this recent polling talks and controversy, the ideal method to determine how you're feeling about polling is to ask you - enjoy we did. It's clear the polls should be tested by us more for consistency and device-performance. Why we are asking for pieces of information we ought to explain. We should explain why we're asking a few of the questions we're asking. We should allow you to determine you would like to be reached in the future.

Among my complaints was about the pursuit section. It appeared to say that quests have a layout between narratives via lore and cutscenes and then there's battle. I aim to both of these philosophies. I need quests to get the style and tone philosophy of classic quests. Not one of elf that is bloody that is that rotting corpses on a battlefield by way of instance, that an departure from the quests we had on release of RuneScape game.

I'd much prefer problem solving quests which are like detective work. Pacing and different tone than the sorts of production HBO series quests we have been getting. Like using a bottle of poison on fishfood to kill piranhas at a fountain to acquire a key. I was disappointed that foraging was not on the prospective skills list as it had a favorable reception a participant has indicated.

Thanks Sween, I truly wish we can see Jagex at least survey the return of Player Designed Content. Roof Top agility and MLM still stand as hallmarks of OSRS, and I am sad that we've moved away from letting the community contribute on such a level. It was really unique and rewarding for us. A concern of mine is the information from a lot of the questions will probably be irrelevant, especially the ones regarding the management of Jagex. A lot of people will confuse"Jagex" with"OSRS dev team" and react accordingly. Individuals vote and are not going to make that assumption Buy OSRS Money.

Onto what options are, I like this just as a significant sneak peak. Looks like the discretionary graphics overhauls are a big priority, and new skills (including matters like necromancy and, especially trendy sounding to mepersonally, archeology) are very much on the desk. That having been said, I do feel like some of my answers weren't entirely faithful. A lot of queries like"which of them would you like the most?", but in a school player and I am not huge on upgrades, so it is hard. Last, from the"why would you love to play?" Section I believed it was very interesting that there is no"social aspect" option. Totally not even part of RuneScape game.

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