Reducing food waste is a priority for us

Food waste has become one of the hottest topics around the whole world


Food waste has become one of the hottest topics around the whole world. In Norway, five tons of perfectly good food are thrown away every ten minutes.  In order to solve this problem, we must all come together and work together! Consequently, everyone should do something in order to protect our environment, and the industry's collaboration project aims to reduce food waste in the catering industry by 20% by 2025.


Reduce food waste with these three simple steps:
Guests are becoming increasingly concerned about not wasting food. . As an added bonus, reducing food waste has a positive impact on profitability as well as the environment and society as a whole.  Listed below are three straightforward suggestions for lowering food waste in your establishment.

Instead of fresh produce, choose frozen.  We offer a variety of frozen foods, including frozen fish products and stabburet dough, that have a long shelf life, allowing you to spread out your consumption more widely.

Make use of the food that is still available.  My Toro soup and stew on weekends provide numerous opportunities to use up the remaining food supplies.  Alternatively, why not try our Friday pizza at our Naples pizza base, which comes with extra food?

Food should not be stored in excess.  It is wise to use portion packaging when it is difficult to estimate the number of guests attending an event.  As an added bonus, this ensures that guests do not bring more food than they will consume, and you avoid having to throw away food that has been left on the buffet table for an excessive amount of time.

Reducing food waste is a priority for us.
We hope to make a difference in the fight against food waste as well as packaging waste, due to the fact that they are nightmares for recycling.  With regard to the sustainable development strategy, he has set himself a more ambitious goal: by 2025, he intends to cut food waste in factories in half.  Introduced the best use time label on all products with a long shelf life, participated in a research project, and investigated how inedible food waste could be used in the circular food system, among other accomplishments.