Convenient and cheap mobile phone case: five tips for home production

Do you find it useful to protect your mobile phone or tablet with a protective case, whether you pack for camping for your children or for your vacation?


Do you find it useful to protect your mobile phone or tablet with a protective case, whether you pack for camping for your children or for your vacation? But where can I get it quickly... What do you do?

When you imagine what it would be like to put a mobile phone or tablet in your backpack during travel, it can be put in a car, or it can be packed in a bag with blankets and swimsuits, you will worry about them. It is in this case that a protective cover is worth it. We have some tips on how to make it.

Except camp
If your child needs box packaging, you can easily sew it with foam cloth. They are soft and flexible and can reliably protect the equipment. It wants to stimulate a little imagination. You can make something that can stand the test of your classmates with an ordinary rag. What about the people outside?

The foam material is not only cut and shaped well, but also stitched and bonded with a hot melt gun. You just press the pages together correctly. You can use the bottom of a plastic cup or paper cup as an eye, paint it, and then cover it with a strip of remaining material. Complete the details with a marker

Cell phone in balloon
You don't think there's anything more complicated, but do you really need to protect your phone from dirt? Make a package with an ordinary inflatable balloon. You don't need any skills to do this, because the mobile phone itself is "dressed up". If you have XXL balloons available, this applies only to tablets. The case is also waterproof, but you can't take pictures with it or charge the device - but it's not a problem to remove the balloon and replace it in a few seconds. Inflate the balloon and press the mobile phone on the balloon. Then push the mobile phone and deflate slowly - when you squeeze out all the air in the balloon, it sucks the mobile phone and hugs it tightly. Please be careful not to cover the microphone, the caller will not hear your voice

Hooked romance
Are you a friend with a hook? Do you have any wool or yarn left in your house? Then in ten minutes, you have a bag. Use a simple long column hook to weave a rectangle about an inch wider than the height of the equipment you need to protect. The length of the crocheted area should be twice and a half the width. Then simply fold and sew a bag in which you can carry the device. It's best to open the bag to prevent the mobile phone or tablet from falling out. Therefore, you can fold the bag with button, snap or crochet and attach wool fabric. It's up to you whether you can decorate it further - we covered the zipper with lace from an old curtain

Shiny graffiti
Do you have a hot air gun? Place the phone or tablet in a bag made of strong plastic - tightly around the device and seal it. Then fire with a hot-melt gun and apply the material to the back, edge and a little above. It doesn't matter whether you create patterns from matter or just "graffiti". Most importantly, make room for the camera lens and charger hole.

When you apply the material as you imagine, let it cool. Then cut off the plastic bag used to protect the phone or tablet and carefully remove it from the newly packaged device - don't worry, it takes a little force. Remove the remnants of the bag from the new package you created with the hot-air gun - sometimes it comes together and needs to be cut. Finally, repaint the plastic wrap or use residual nail polish to paint. When applying molten material, make sure it is uniform everywhere and the comma is not too thin - it is necessary to produce a force that may rupture when applied to a mobile phone or tablet. Of course, you can correct it afterwards, but you'd better think about it in advance

I like mountain pool
Tear the remaining lining into strips about an inch long and wear its edges. From the obtained material, weave a rectangle on the large needle, and its length and height will be 2 cm larger than the equipment. You need these two centimeters to create a bend on the edge. When finished, put on a piece of your woven material from the whole circumference. It is best to start and end in the middle of the top edge. Then place the device on the knitting rectangle and pull the strip to shrink the edges around the device. Then tie both ends of the belt - don't tie a knot, but make a ring, considering the need to remove the packaging. The knitted shell can absorb vibration, but it is more used as a transport box because it is difficult to make "assembly" holes for cameras and chargers