Packaging design: the core of profit strategy!

Who has never chosen a product by succumbing to its beautiful bottle, or has never fallen in love with its original display? Well, you know, this is completely normal!


Who has never chosen a product by succumbing to its beautiful bottle, or has never fallen in love with its original display? Well, you know, this is completely normal! Packaging design is the first thing you notice. Also known as packaging, packaging can not only stand out on the shelf, but also display products in a way to attract the target audience. Therefore, creative, original and influential gift cardboard box packaging design must be an integral part of your overall marketing, communication and creative strategy. Target? Generate sales and gain notoriety!


Marketing level: temptation mode

It goes without saying that creative packaging design will attract attention and make you stand out from the competition. From a marketing point of view, your product packaging really must convince your customers to buy. Therefore, the packaging must be designed according to the person who buys the product.


Therefore, strategic reflection is essential:

  • Are the colors used consistent?
  • Is brand recognition emphasized?
  • Is the layout and design used targeted at my audience?
  • Is my product credible and well promoted?
  • Solving these problems can clearly guide the final design!


Do you know emotional marketing?

Packaging design plays a key role in the purchase process. In addition to being the first point of contact with customers, it also plays a role in purchase intention. Shape, materials used, color and texture can even affect almost a third of purchase decisions. This is called emotional marketing, especially in the agricultural market.

  • A well executed packaging design can indeed:
  • Increase the sense of belonging to the brand;
  • Create memories;
  • Develop emotions;
  • Prove that the price of your product is reasonable.


At the creative level: visual recognition in the foreground

Creating a representative original packaging design for your products requires great attention. In addition, in order to highlight this point, the realization of new packaging must be realistic in terms of production and organization within the company. In addition, the packaging must remain functional throughout the sales process and fully protect your product. Design experts will be able to guide you to comply with the standards to make your packaging meet the requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to balance innovation, function and originality!


Communication level: one picture is worth a thousand words!

The speed at which customers browse products to find the information they need is amazing! Therefore, in order to attract attention and interest, we must present features in a clear way at all costs, and of course, good marketing ideas. If a customer searches for information for even a few seconds, he will sometimes quickly put your product in the right place, benefiting your competitors. More reason to stand out! Therefore, packaging should be self-evident and evoke the promise, benefits and added value of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the available space and the elements of priority display when designing the packaging. In addition, if you decide to display your products in more ecological packaging, please don't hesitate to raise this point! It's also a great way to convey your values.


Select packaging design experts

When customers hesitate between two products on the shelf, convincing and fashionable packaging can definitely make everything different. Packaging is also essential because customers can quickly understand the company through it. Therefore, if you are considering launching your product or reworking your packaging, I invite you to consider meeting with me to clarify your positioning. It is strongly recommended that you perform this step before meeting with a design expert. After all, your product is worthy of packaging matching, and this strategy may bring more returns!