The NBA 2K games have turned into the most notorious ball game

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The players' pool is growing as the latest version is released NBA 2K22 MT. NBA 2K22 players who are playing MyTeam, the most popular MyTeam mode are receiving a fair amount of opportunities to get some brand-new Dark Matter units currently available in the current season.

In the past few days, gamers who put time into Agenda tasks have earned a new unit each day and participate in a contest in order to earn the next one on the following day. This year's NBA 2K22 Season 6 Agenda releases units ranked from gold tier all the way to a Dark Matter unit, obtainable on the last day of the game.

Shaquille O'Neal will be joining the roster of players that are available on this Season 6 Agenda following the release earlier in the day of 77-overall Grant Williams. The 15-time All Star and four-time NBA Champion is represented as a central player of the Cleveland Cavaliers in this unit and can be accessed for free after a competition with an Williams unit.

After the Season 6 Agenda was announced earlier in the week, many MyTeam players MyTeam were excited at the chance to get many highly desirable players to join their roster. However, the hype quickly turned into dread as the units failed to show up in their inventories , despite having completed the game Buy NBA 2K Coins. Although 2K Games has attempted to solve the issue, a few players are still suffering from the problem.