Effective Ways to Earn Growtopia World Locks

Some methods I use to earn World Locks, and how to get rich real quick!


Some methods I use to earn World Locks, and how to get rich real quick! You might be wondering how and why is it impossible to receive them. Here are my ways a tricks to get them easily!

1) The Grass Seeds farmer.

World Lock a random world. Next, dig some rock seeds and dirt seeds. After that, splice those two seeds together. Grass Seeds are VERY farmable and can be multiplied in no time! After that, once you have gotten 200 seeds, go to a trade world, and trade them for 1 World Lock!

2) The Window Seed farmer.

Use a World Lock to buy 40 window seeds. After that, keep planting them! They are farmable, and they only cost 40/wl! They are also high in demand, so you'll have no problem selling them at 40/WL! You will find your World Locks multipying before you even know it!

3) The Piano notes farmer.

Piano notes can be bought and sold at 50/WL. To start at it, simply buy 50 Normal piano notes. It is very farmable. So, keep farming it and after that, sell them at 50/WL. You'll have NO trouble finding a buyer!

4) The Wooden Platform farmer.

Buy 200 wood block seeds and 200 Grass seeds. They will cost you 3 WLs at most. Next, splice them into Wooden platforms. You will get around 800-1000 Platforms, which you can sell for 4-5 Wls! Also, those platforms are farmable, so you can keep farming them!

5) Geiger Counters!

Geiger counters can be a good source of income too! Just hold the geiger counter in your hand at all times, and when it is done charging, you cn go around the world to find crystals. If you are lucky, you can get black crystals which are worth 35Wls+. Alternatively, if you do not want to waste your time doing so, you can buy a dead geiger counter, charge it while farming, and sell it

for a couple world locks profit!

6) Using brick seeds to make coloured Blocks!

This method can also be quite useful! For example, you can buy 200 Brick Seeds for 2 World Locks. After that, splice it with other seeds to get coloured blocks! ALL coloured blocks are farmable, with the exception of rainbow blocks. Here are the prices of common blocks.

Blue/Purple/Orange-50/WL, Yellow, White-100/WL, and for other colours, it is 200/WL. I would suggest you make some Blue/Purple/Orange blocks, and keep farming them to get more blocks. This will in turn increase your profit tremendously!

Middle-Class Growtopians.

1) Mass Producing.

Mass Producing is when you start off from basic seeds. You keep splicing them and soon, you'll get items like Checkpoints, Mannequins and more. I would suggest the world MASS or MASSHELP if you're keen on Mass Producing. The items that you should start off with if you're new to Mass producing would be Portcullis, Cutaway blocks, etc.

2) Farming Farmables.

When you have around 50 World Locks or more, I'd suggest you buy some pinball, blackrock or venus guytrap seeds. These are the prices for the following seeds.

Pinball seeds -10/WL Blackrock seeds/ Venus seeds -25-30/WL.

These trees are farmable, and when you keep farming them, you will gain more seeds and gems. You can either sell the extra seeds for more World Locks, or keep planting them to get more trees! As for the gems, you can buy packs from the store, e.g. Surgery packs, and sell to other growtopians for more World Locks.

3) Merching/ Smart Trading.

Disclaimer: This can be VERY dangerous. I do not suggest that you try it, especially if you do not know the current trends of items!

Smart trading/ Merching is when you buy items at a very cheap price, and sell them for a higher price. There are 2 kinds of merching. The first kind is active merching. Active merching is when you buy an item at a cheap price, and IMMEDIATELY sell the item for a higher price. Usually, active merching is less risky than inactive merching (which I'm going to explain later). Make sure to use trusted price worlds as the price guide for the items!

Inactive merching is when you buy an item for a cheap price. After that, you keep it in your inventory for a period of time, before selling it. Inactive merching can be risky, as you need to know the trend of the current item that you are buying. Yes, the profit may be a lot, but at the same time, if your investment fails, you can lose quite a lot too. My advice is not to take part in inactive merching, unless you are VERY sure about taking the risk.

High- Class Growtopian.

1) Farming!

When you have a lot of World Locks, I would suggest you buy tons of High Tech Block Seeds, or Chandelier seeds. Those seeds can be very farmable and profitable. For example, I earned 100 seeds and 20,000 gems when I farmed my 630 High tech block seeds! By doing so, you will find your world locks multipying in no time!

2) Investment!

So, when you have a lot of world locks, I would suggest you invest in worlds/ Items. For example, Angel wings may be 45 World Locks now. And if you are experienced enough, you will know that it will increase to 60+ World Locks before haloween.

Or you might choose to invest in a good world. For example, you can be a semi-successful world or a successful world, make it more successful, and sell for more World Locks. (Real Life Scenario: My friend bought a successful world for 30 DLs, and he kept it for a month, before selling it for 80 DLs. In the period of time, he also earned 7-8 tokens a day without doing any Sbs, CBs, or BCs! Not going to reveal the world name.) If you are lucky, you can buy one for cheap, and earn a lot more than what you paid for it!

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