Vertical Carousel for Industrial Use

Vertical Carousel for Industrial Use


The mechanism that drives a Ferris wheel and the mechanism that drives a vertical carousel are quite comparable to one another. The shelving units, on the other hand, do not move around in a circular motion like they would on a Ferris wheel; rather, they move up and down vertically while following an elongated oval trajectory. A motor is responsible for providing the rotational force, and it does so by turning a drive chain that is connected to a torque tube that runs along the interior of the carousel. This results in the formation of something that is known as a "drive side" and an "idle side."However, because the torque tube on the drive shaft is synchronized with the drive side, when the drive side spins, it causes the idle side to spin as well. This results in the vertical motion going up and around in a continuous manner.

The MegaStation from Infismash Systems is an automated continuous shelving system that operates according to the goods to man principle. The computer directs the movement of the multi-purpose carriers that are attached to continuous chains towards the access port. Access times are kept to a minimum thanks to integrated path optimization. Lockable doors and adequate lighting are both standard features of the Infismash Vertical Carousels found in every model.

The assortment of Infismash Vertical Carousels is as diverse as the goods that need to be stored and the issues that must be resolved with regard to logistics. There are three width options and three depth options available for each model group of Infismash Vertical Carousels. On request, we can provide widths that are not standard. There is a range of heights available, beginning at 7.56 feet with the model 1000 and going as high as 32.81 feet with the models 1500 and 2000. The individual Infismash Vertical Carousels each have their own unique designs, so the maximum load capacity of each carrier can range anywhere from 220 to 1430 pounds.

Storage Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Tools and Components for Aerospace Use


Distribution and Warehousing for Automobiles

Electronics Sold in Retail Kitting

Freezer and Refrigerated Storage for Pharmaceutical Products


Each Infismash Vertical Carousel is constructed so that it can operate in an industrial setting in a manner that is compliant with the most recent safety regulations. The controller is housed inside of a switching cabinet that has a protection class of IP54 and is resistant to dust and spray water.

A Brief Overview of the Infismash MegaStation:


Each model group is offered in a choice of three different widths and depths as standard options.


1. Between 88

2. 58 and 314

3. 96 meters is the height of the system

4. (*for model groups 1500 and 2000, a height of up to 393

5. 70 centimeters is possible)

Between 2200 and 1430 pounds is the maximum load that can be carried by each carrier.

Up to approximately 33,000 pounds of maximum gross load can be carried by each Infismash Vertical Carousel.

Modular multi-purpose carriers

Simple operation through the use of the MM235, MM255, or MM265 controller Path optimization for quick access

An encoder on the shaft ensures that carriers are positioned correctly.

Structure consisting of a frame with chain guides for support and steel cladding

Six colors come as the default, and you can choose between two color combinations.

Efficient Vertical Storage Arrangements

Make the most of the vertical space you have available by implementing an ergonomic carousel solution. Not only will this solution provide a quick return on investment, but it will also significantly increase productivity, safety, and security. When purchased pre-owned, Vertical carousel storage systems have prices that are much more affordable.

Vertical carousels are essentially automated shelving systems that rotate at your control, providing an effective, flexible, and dynamic answer to the problem of high-density storage. These systems can make use of vertical space that is as high as forty feet.

We frequently buy and sell a variety of models from a variety of different brands, including Kardex Remstar, White, and others.

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Do not be reluctant to get in touch with us in the event that you are unable to locate the particular vertical carousel model, category, or manufacturer that you are seeking. If we do not currently have a new or used carousel available for purchase that is suitable for your requirements, we will make every effort to locate the item that you require. Call 888.294.5022.

Used vertical carousel Questions and Answers

What Is the Difference Between Vertical Carousels and Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs)?

Although you might hear people use the terms interchangeably, you'll find that vertical carousels and VLMs are quite different from one another. It is true that they both accomplish a task that is comparable to one another — that is, getting products to workers in a way that is both efficient and saves space — but the way in which they go about accomplishing this task is different.

A vertical warehouse carousel system functions in a manner analogous to that of a Ferris wheel. Carousels are operated by having workers load items onto trays, which then rotate within the housing of the carousel. In the case of VLMs, an inserter/extractor retrieves individual trays from their location within the machine without rotating everything that is stored within it, in a manner analogous to that of a vending machine.