We have the next Showdown Series in FUT

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Here, we don't suggest any particular club FUT 23 Coins. Because in FIFA 23, you can edit every player you get in your own created club, you can simply create your Sunday League team. Just name the players like your teammates and give them some realistic stats. Then you can take your home club from the Sunday League (or from the lowest league in FIFA) to the Champions League title.

The last and at the same time the biggest challenge we have for you is the Super League. In case you didn't know: You can simply put teams into different leagues and with that turn the four English leagues into a Super League. Just take the best teams in the world and put them into the four leagues. Every match will be a tough one and there is no room for error. Fight with the club of your choice and climb the leagues from the fourth division to the Premier League title!

We have the next Showdown Series in FUT, with plenty of Squad Building Challenges being released in the following days. We guide you through all SBCs of the current event in FIFA 23 and which players you should complete.

Showdown Series is back! The event took place during the World Cup in Qatar in FIFA 23, and they've brought it back again buy FIFA 23 Coins. Speaking of throwback: Rivalry Re Releases are in packs now.