Madden 23 players might want to run all over the field

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At a 93 overall, it's clear the people at Electronic Arts understand how valuable and skilled he is as a tight end in the modern NFL. Madden 23 players might want to run all over the field with Jackson Mut 23 Coins, but they should know that Andrews is more than reliable when the going gets tough.

To many NFL fans, George Kittle is the most complete tight end in the sport. He may fall slightly behind Travis Kelce in terms of route running, but he's arguably the best run-blocking tight end in the league.

He's dealt with injuries in recent seasons, but when he's on the field for the San Francisco 49ers, Kyle Shanahan's offense becomes exponentially more dynamic. Kittle's 97 overall falls one point short of Travis Kelce, but the two are so elite that it's understandable why someone would prefer one of their skill sets over the other depending on the type of offense they prefer.

Despite playing in only one game during his rookie year, 9-year NFL pro Travis Kelce has amassed 9.000 receiving yards in his first nine seasons in the league. Doubters argue that the only reason he's had his career is thanks to quarterback Patrick Mahomes throwing him the ball, but the reality is that his level of sustained consistency is record-breaking at the tight end position.

Despite lacking the blocking ability of the two other elite NFL tight ends, Kelce has redefined what the position can accomplish when positioned as a primary contributor to an offensive unit Buy Madden nfl 23 Coins. This has resulted in his much-earned 98 overall in Madden 23.