It's healthy to stay away from the store entirely since cards

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With so many tabs, bars, packs, specials, and events to clutter the screen, the last thing gamers need is for one-thousand collected cards to pile up on them Madden 23 Coins. And that can easily happen to those who keep collecting packs and completing challenges for a few hours. Every time a card is received, hit the compare button. If the card is an improvement, keep it. If not, add it to a set. If it doesn't belong in a set, auction it or quicksell it. Keeping it organized saves double-digit hours over the course of the year.

Don't dare sell or auction off a single card until looking at the sets first. Some of the sets can be earned entirely through single-player challenges while others can be gradually earned with even a little bit of luck throughout the year. This is a great way for players not looking to break the bank to earn the same cards as others who sell their cars. With a bit of patience, add any extra players to a set. Even if the reward isn't an upgrade, the reward always sells for more than the total of the parts to make the card.

It's healthy to stay away from the store entirely since cards get gradually better as seasons go on and money spent in the store for cards today will be money wasted as soon as the cards of tomorrow are released. But it's the limited-time cards that are the biggest waste. They are tempting because the challenges only give enough to almost complete a set for a great card, but this great card won't be so great as soon as the next limited-time event hits.

The Auction House might sound scary, but most players don't know how to use it. With a couple of pointers, it's easy to make a killing there. Some tips: Always sell limited-time cards earned from challenges here. If the card is part of a set and is either a duplicate or the set is unwanted, sell it here. If the card is selling for low and helps complete a set Buy Mut 23 Coins, buy it up. If someone has made a mistake and sold a card for less than market value, buy it and resell it.