MMOexp FIFA 23 World Cup Stories Players

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This is a brand-new promotion and we have all the details on what you can expect FUT 23 Coins. What Are MMOexp FIFA 23 World Cup Stories? World Cup Stories are awarded to players who have created past and present headlines for their country at the World Cup!

For example, one of the players for this promo is Virgil van Dijk. Van Dijk rsquos story would be that the 2022 Qatar World Cup is the first World Cup tournament he will play in!These cards are not dynamic items and will only receive the initial boost for being in the promo squad.

Here are all the players released for this promotion!These are all the players that came in the World Cup Stories mini-release.The World Cup Stories items will be out of packs inAlongside the Stories items, we have also got World Cup ICONs Team 2!The Leeds attacker has been boosted to an 86 Overall and is eligible to get a one-time upgrade!Here is the cheapest way to complete his SBC!For this SBC you will need some high-rated players. This SBC will cost you around 55,000 coins!

For this SBC you will need the following overalls and we have provided a guide to the cheapest players for each rating!This SBC does not require chemistry so you can place players in any position buy FIFA 23 Coins! Also if you have players in your club you can make this SBC cheaper!If you wish to create your own 83-rated squad, just follow our SBC guide!