Now the FC 24 release date is way behind us

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EA FC 24 - How to outside foot shot (trivela)

Trying to learn how to outside foot shot in FC 24? The ‘trivela’ was super effective in FC 24 last season, and you can perform the shot type again in FC 24.

Now the FC 24 release date is way behind us, we have put in hours and hours playing the game already to help form our FC 24 review.

EA has already showcased the power of its new innovations, with the game looking and feeling more realistic than ever.

Whilst plenty has changed in the release of FC 24, there are some fundamental elements that have stayed the same, with it being more important than ever to learn the basics in order to progress.

With that in mind, here’s a simple guide as to how you can perform an outside-the-foot shot, or trivela, in FC 24.

How to outside foot shot in FC 24
The outside-the-foot shot, also known as the trivela, has been popularised both in real life and in-game over recent years.

Whilst it has existed for some time cheap EAFC 24 Coins, the likes of Joao Cancelo and Kevin De Bruyne took its popularity to the next level.