we could only hope the very best for 2K21

Those 5 moments are brutal. I hate them too! I agree with everything else there.


Those 5 moments are brutal. I hate them too! I agree with everything else there. Plus the VC that is typical bullshit. I am counting the days until this MyPlayer system collapses. They will need to cheap nba 2k20 mt coins create MyCareer and MyPlayer different game modes and find a means to motivate players to play with with MyCareer for at least a season. The VC is atleast a little better than last year. But those 5 seconds should you rack them up your entire games collectively they'll be many hours of the own time, many hours.

They want more picture and demonstration for your player talking about most of varieties of stats. Plus take these men and women out begin a season or keep the regulars player in. They are just two players connected to the narrative I mean walden is nice but he retains greening step backs and step back 3s which is certainly not his game, he's a slasher. Not a fan of it. Allow me to steak with a actual player and they really must add the outside of the stadium with fans showing up in your jersey (with real name and number on it ) I recall madden 11 had it and it made it so much more enjoyable playing cause they would flash into the crowd going nuts after a play with people in face paint yelling at the in NBA 2K21 game camera crew.

I mean they do that in 2K20 but there are like 7 versions for the security and crowd guards that never go or flinch they straight. They need to update it big time madden 11 needed it ideal tho it had been a in NBA 2K21 game shot of the arenas plus the need to add celebrities to courtroom side with these people who perform people are lining up. I never played madden 11 myself but I learned about it, I mean that has been a time I was a child back then. Tbh we could only hope the very best for 2K21 (even tho I am likely not gonna purchase it).

Same I was young as hell but might hold out until next gen. Hopefully it is a massive change like it was jumping from the Xbox 360 to Ps4. Yeah next gen is gont be glitchy af it's an entirely new system so the very first weeks of 2K21 on ps5 gonna be hell. They gonna shit the ps4 version and just concentrate on ps5.

Who's our best player it is the stage god, Chris Paul. He's a player that is legendary, but is becoming old. The player of our future is presently a dude. Hejust completed his second year in the league, and's young. He is fucking good. He's really fucking good. Shai is your god now if you're a fan of the Thunder. Our background: we've just been a team for a bit over a decade to put it shortly. They were stolen by us from Seattle and transferred them to Oklahoma City, although there used to be a group known as the Seattle Supersonics. It was pretty controversial, but everybody that things is over it today and buy nba 2k20 mt Oklahoma City is fairly well-liked around the league.

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