I have questions regarding the Sins of the Father pursuit

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First, like in OSRS gold, you choose to put in a vampire prayer altar to Darkmeyer. Why did you decide to do this rather than adding an altar to Zamorak? Veliaf claims in the quest the witches are ultimately genuinely loyal only to themselves, but as a mere person, he is not just a reliable narrator. So why did you decide to not do this?

Vanescula claims from the pursuit that she wishes to return to a time when people and vampires coexisted peacefully, beneath the Zarosian Empire. Can you consider Vanescula is a Zarosian, or is she just a Zamorakian who participates Lowerniel Drakan's policies? You give Vanescula a signficantly longer sassy/sarcastic character in OSRS than RS3. While I enjoyed this, I also liked Vanescula's RS3 character. Why did you opt to create this alteration for her character?

But if your intention was to deviate from RS3 to the interest of deviating from RS3, why did you not choose to go farther and rather have the Myreque construct helmets that would prevent the Turks from reading the thoughts of humans? If you're conversant with Magneto's helmet from the X-Men, I am considering a similar thought. Then, possibly the Myreque would be able to use traditional weapons against the vampires, using their ideas protected by some kind of silver apparel. So why would you reject ideas like this and instead decide to go with this blisterwood flail?

Dinosaurs being sold in Darkmeyer are seen by us. However, I have trouble knowing how gold coins minted by a human kingdom would have some use for the vampires. They have a much greater demand for blood, but the vampires do not seem to be buying blood (using gold coins) from any humans anywhere in the world. It might look like, given their constant need for blood, liters of blood or congealed blood would be a more appropriate money. So why would you decide that the vampires would utilize gold coins as currency?

From the bloodstream alchemy laboratory, we see what's the bloodstream clot in RS3. However, I didn't see any confirmation that it was the bloodstream altar in OSRS. Is it the bloodstream altar? If so, that sounds problematic, seeing as the blood clot on Zeah isalso, lore-wise, designed to be attached to the"real" blood clot. And Zeah is on the opposite side of Earth. So is that altar the blood altar, and why did you decide to set the blood altar here?

I was under the belief that animals which were transformed into vampires had a lot of trouble climbing to vampire culture. I thought that vampires descended from their home world. In buy RuneScape gold, in reality, Lowerniel Drakan proposes killing these inferior, vampires that are converted, with only pureblood vampires. However, Vanstrom Klause was previously an icyene, and he was not from any royal vampire household. So why is he the exclusion? Why was he able to achieve such status above the standing of pureblood vampires?

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