You do realize clothes items do nothing to boost your sponsorships right?

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In a nutshell, I've gotten tired of NBA2K20. Can I keep playing it? Off and on, yes. I do have any other basketball games to playwith. NBA Live 19 remains active and I have not gotten tired of it, NBA Live 2005, 07, 08, 09 and 10 are in my library on my PS2 and NBA 2K MT Coins so I have those to get lost in, and even 3 on 3 Freestyle, a free to play streetball game has not gotten boring. I've got plenty of options to receive my Basketball mend. So these are my thoughts. I don't request that you like my view enjoy the crappy business practices of 2K like many you, but I do ask that you respect that I have one.

You do realize clothes items do nothing to boost your sponsorships right? All you get is shoes from whatever business you signed with. having ps+ makes NBA 2K21 So. Much. More. Interesting. Park, play the cages, today, my team rec, ante up, my team on the internet. All these are much better than grinding mycareer. You invested your VC on useless things then complain about the way that it takes too much time to upgrade characters? Bruh all that bc you grinded was sufficient to get at least four players to 95. Playing one season gives you enough to reach 90. Playing rec along with other modes gives enough for to 95+.

Consider giving yourself an challenge with my league. Create a contender, not a superteam. Perform online. Rebuild a struggling team. In summary, no I do not support overall greediness of 2K and the microtransactions, but your complaints are wrong. As you spent it all on clothes you gained sufficient vc for them to 95, however didn't get them up. You did not even try to access half NBA 2K21, the very fun half and therefore are saying NBA 2K21 is boring. Last, you claiming it rated and should be simple, that has got to be the dumbest argument I've ever heard. E is content evaluation not how hard there is a game. A match that is competitive shouldn't be easy. NBA 2K21 takes at least a little skill, it just sounds like you do not wanna do the job.

It took a day. I had some things to do. So where do I start. So NBA 2K21 is E for everyone for the most elementary stuff.because of this simulated gaming (MyTEAM's literal slot machine and pachinko boards) it ought to be a T or M or even an AO. In 2K21 they will eliminate this, but I ai not holding my breath. The VC thing. Yeah.I got bored of grinding it out and because I am broke I am not paying for it. I didn't know there was not an incentive to being spat out in my sponsor's clothes in order that has been spending.

Onto Multiplatyer, I'm not paying $10-$60 for PS+. That's a and I will not buy into it again. So suppose that half of NBA 2K21 is secured supporting the demand for your own subscription? It's half NBA 2K21 I won't be playing since it is not worth the investment at Buy NBA 2K Coins the moment. And based on the experience I did have when I had PS+ (toxic players, complaints about how awful my construct is, etc.) and you can see why I've decided to never touch the Park with 39 and a half foot pole. Playing a more challenging dificulty in MyLeague was done already.not moving around that.

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