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This is an animation that is totally in the world of classic wow gold fan service but it's totally working.

I kind of had a notion that Blizzard would use the fact that we'll basically be questing through the afterlife to revisit a bunch of old characters, but if that really is what we're likely to see out of that, I am even more enthusiastic. Throughout the storied history of Warcraft over the previous 26 years, there are a great deal of amazing personalities -- both good and bad -- that have bit the dust in one way or another.

I have not been playing these games since their beginning, I am not old enough, but I have been playing long enough to receive a load of sentimental attachment to plenty of personalities, especially ones which are no more with us.

Shadowlands is two months away at this time, and I can not wait to go in and get my hands on it. There are a ton of dead characters I would love to see again, and if the Bastion cartoon is anything to go by, it seems like I'm going to get that wish.

For previous expansions, the minimal requirements list 70 GB on a 7200 RPM HDD (hard disk drive), the specs record 70 GB available on an SSD, as an example.

In case you missed it, Shadowlands received a launch date of October 27. Additionally, more Connected Realms are in their way for cheap wow gold classic September 2 and September 3.