Not Certain how RuneScape actually works

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Unrepairable. Restricted use, cannot be repaired. You pay for it once, but it degrades over time. Examples include Vesta's, Statius', Corrupt Dragon, and OSRS gold Sacred Clay armor. People today appreciate how requirement remains steady because people are in constant need of the armor, rather than fluctuating rapidly due to minimal daily sale amounts. People hate having to cover back, and again, and for the armor. So what's your opinion? Please understand the importance for you and the market when you post.

First of allRangemage are single abilities. They are every independant. Melee is 2/3 skills, Attack, defence and strenght. Second: Rangemage dont have battle up very much, therefore"poorer" player with low combat levels may really have rather large range or mage, so they're somewhat weaker as the combat is reduced ( I know its confusing, but bear with me wizard:-RRB- Melee occupies your combat level and therefore is more powerful.

Third: If magerange got more powerful, then they would have to create it contribute to your battle level more, making your combat level greater. With melee its already powerful, thats why it gets you go up lots. Forth: Max hit with variety remains 100/200 (please justify) and mage has cool effects (freezing, stat lowering and veng! ) ) Melee just has these items if your prepared to invest! Thats all for now, please know what I'm trying to state. And I'm all for bringing out new array stuff:/ (armadyl 2nd wep anyone?) Thanks for reading, please post any queries or arguments.

Not Certain how RuneScape gold buy actually works