This is a common complaint about RuneScape

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Let us look at what a couple players needed to RuneScape gold say..."An alliance could repeatedly attack another player, ruining their gaming experience and I do not think that's fair." Yes, it's true. New players have seven days following connecting to build up their cities, but unless they push themselves and find their way into a powerful alliance, they become prey for more powerful and more experienced players and alliances. "Just like other games that are similar, it becomes a chore to play and update everything. Progress is slow and there is honestly nothing to really do with everything you gather."

This is a common complaint about the sport. To be able to keep up with your neighbors, you have to examine throughout the day to keep upgrading your city, military, defense, ect. If you put it off for to long, you waste time and your city stays their essentially doing nothing, just waiting to be attacked. I'll only let my good friend Max clarify it better:"The gameplay is made for hardcore gamers since you need to login throughout the day. You don't need to worry on every waking moment, but you have to be on this game some part of everyday to keep up with anyone else who is aggressive. The top scores feel as if they are only reserved for those playing and paying all day ."

I also asked many players - Do you think War of Legends would be prosperous? They had varied responses, but most replies consisted of the exact same fundamental idea. War of Legends is not anything particular, there are lots of games like it on the internet and already well recognized. But does this mean it's going to be a collapse? That's one way to look at it! Enough players to go around! Or how about a different perspective? "No it will not be successful. Considering how many matches like this already exist, there's nothing separating this game from another games. It's a very restricted approach to battle, with a"scissor-paper-rock" systems which allows for small plan."

After the release of War of Legends, Jagex shocked everybody by encouraging what they call"JCredits". In other words, you cover actual world cash to acquire an advantage in the game. Apparently Jagex enjoys the idea, as long as they get the money. What do players think about JCredits? "I'd much rather see the game call for a small payment and recieve member advantages than have Jcredits purchase in-game items.

It is compulsory that Jagex, as an expert firm, should review their policies and make certain they do filtering. They ought to set up a policy in line with the current situation and change it every month or so. It's quite much needed that they change the policy they have today. Since now, it's not the ones which are the most important that get heard, but cheap RS gold the people who yell the loudest: the whiners.

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