There were not new members in Runescape

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Anyhow , off of OSRS gold the weird, rambling entrance, I was wondering whether somebody could essentially just clarify how most things work these days in the match. What have beent he major changes besides EoC? Have they added another lands/areas/cities? I really want to try and get back into this game, it is the only real game of it's kind I ever was able to get immersed into to and enjoy with people I knew and met along the way. I'm hoping I could but I want some type of sense of whats going on hahaha.

Ok, so I've done some things contrary to the rules with my accounts before. I've given it away when I had been sure I had been done with the game. Recently I attempted to get it back. The account's registered email(which was mine) was changed some where over a year ago. So naturally, I shouldn't get an email right?

Howeverthis morning, I received an email from legal (in ) jagex dot com. They explained they had evidence of me trading runescape accounts and/or things in actual life. Okay yes, I've done this. (By the way, I have never bought anything. Not too important, I am just wanting to let people know I'm not dumb enough to do that) They said they'd watch my accounts, and if it persisted, I'd be subject to a suit for.

Signed by Jagex Mod Mark. Now, here's where the story starts to have somewhat unusual. There is a link provided in the email asking me to log in so I could track what is happening with my account. Clearly I can not log in. I email this sender back explaining that I found out me and that I would no longer utilize Jagex solutions (and I really have not had any intentions to) of any kind or email them unless needed. Jagex (which I presume is that the REAL Jagex) is tellng me that the email that I received initially was from a bogus sender that was utilizing the Jagex address to hide their own. It stated they were trying to phish for my accounts, etc..

So now I only need to be sure, is this common? This scam? Has anyone else received an email threatening a suit from Jagex? I thought it was bizarre that they'd email me without even telling me some previous account appeal was refused. And those of you who know what Jagex is like in 2012... would they even attempt to sue me over simply giving my accounts off? Surely that would do them more damage than good. Thanks.

My theory: Dungeoneering indirectly led to the drop in the quality of Runescape. The 25th skill was supposed to bring in more players and more revenue. But Dungeoneering failed to increase the amount of players in Runescape and did not bring in the additional required revenue. Then afterwards in 2010, Insight Venture Partners (bulk owner of Jagex) have to have come down on Jagex when there were not new members in Runescape. But since April 2010, your cash flow position hasn't improved as you led us to buy RuneScape gold believe. You had your chance.