How to Farm Training Points, and Drafting Tips in Madden 21

The first and most obvious process is to play the game. Grind those daily activities (including MUT Challenges) and complete different challenges across varying modes.


The first and most obvious process is to play the game. Grind those daily activities (including MUT Challenges) and complete different challenges across varying modes. The returns aren’t huge but they’re still very solid and will help get you rolling. One such mode that’s worth visiting time and again is Superstar KO. In Superstar KO, it’s possible to earn a player card after completing a task. Quick-Selling that reward in the Item Binder can net you Training Points. Keep checking back for more rewards, especially since new ones are added on a regular basis. Playing through MUT will garner a number of cards, some of them being duplicates. You can Quick-Sell these for Training Points and Madden Coins . You can also take these cards and attempt to flip them on the Auction House, which also has the potential to offer strong returns.

How to get Training Points in Madden 21

Training Points are used to upgrade your players from lower to higher tiers. They were introduced recently and give players another means of improving their team other than chasing high-value players in Missions or the Auction House.

Sell Your Excess or Unwanted Cards

If you dedicate most of your Madden 21 time to the game's Ultimate Team mode, you'll earn player cards very often, but they won't always be the right players for your team. Sometimes they'll be duplicates of cards you have, lesser players than starters you already have in place, or just players who, while good, don't fit the team you're building. Should you find yourself with a stack of cards you don't need or want, you can quicksell them in the cards' options.

The better the card, the more Training Points you'll acquire in the exchange, so even if you aren't going to use a great card you unlock from certain challenges, it may benefit you to complete them anyway. Which brings us to the next point...

Complete MUT Challenges

There is no shortage of challenges to complete in Madden Ultimate Team. Truly it would take a full-time commitment to even approach reaching the end of the game's challenge tree, and by the time you got there, the game would likely have updated with more. Challenges regularly dole out more Training Points to MUT players, so it's best to stay on top of these to keep the Training Points coming in.

Play Superstar KO

The quick-session, arcadey Superstar KO isn't just a fun mode in its own right, it's also a decent place to farm more MUT resources. In the game's launch week, players who qualified with enough wins could net themselves a sterling Lamar Jackson card, for example. This is great if you're looking to improve your team, but even if you don't need Jackson to play QB for your squad, you should still unlock the card and future cards like it through Superstar KO.

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