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Well I got a 20mil budget currently hoping to RuneScape gold arrive right now I got 16.5... Since I got 99 ranged now and havent meeled in several months I dont know a lot about meeling atm... I am getting 75 att 75 str and 85+ defense... I know my stats are not really very good right now, so I want to make them better. First of all, what is the best raining place for me currently, and why? I am doing flesh crawlers right now.

The next issue is, I truly want to start player killing but I am not certain if I am ready with my stats. I'm scared many pures or atleast very strength/range based players will overcome me easily and I'm considering even creating another account. I truly don't want to produce a brand new one, so what exactly do I need to do to create my accounts player-killing efficent? I got about 700k. Thanks. Well I decided to begin playing RS again cuz I have a bad impulse to! I have no friends so if anybody wants to add me. My name is Sloscin809... And if someone can I need like a manual for the specfic self... I'm a non-member. I plan on juss with melee for a long time. Besides runes for teles. Anyone wanna help me out?Study - create teletabs; find out where shooting stars are landing; change the element of a magic staff. Kitchen - infinite supplies of some basic food; infinite supplies of cooking implements; infinite supplies of a stat-boosting ale. Any area with a bookcase - every book from every quest, skill etc. that you have employed in-game don't have in your possession. Last but FAR from least - unlimited teleports into 10 distinct destinations; six at Portal Chambers, four at the Quest Hall.

Hi, I recently got 70 Ranged and I wished to kill aviansies. I had been wondering what quest's I want to be able to reach GWD. Also, what gear should I use? I am going to buy OSRS gold do Temple Of Ikov to Find an Armadyl Pendant. Can there be anything of Bandos besides boots which is lower cost... Here is the setup I was thinking. If you have any hints about altering up anything ther. Please tell me. Also if there's a less expensive setup.