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 I had like a nice 25 yard run and got hit in both sides (the opposite side I'm holding the ball) and it erupts out.Does your X factor boost work or is it just from the game to seem like it has thickness? I have roaming deadeye"perfect precision when standing outside the pocket" nope def don't have perfect accuracy beyond the pocket. Gusty scrambler"resistant to Madden nfl 21 coins defensive pressure whilst on the run" nope definitely not. I turned on Madden the next day to continue my company but the rescue files are sterile so I exit and re-enter the manner but the dates and times are incorrect so I clicked it and it did not save anything I played 4 match I saw the auto save from the corner but I guess nothing saved. . .WTF

(Stats and precision ) I left another QB on the Panthers and I'm about 7 matches in and im manually saving after every match. So far as stats go it is still bad which is a BIG deal for me cause I like realism. As with other Maddens QBs are having career years in efficacy Phillip River has thrown 1 int thru 7 matches, Sam Darnold has 2 the chief in ints is actually Aaron Rodgers lol. I've Christian Mccaffrey in my group so I attempt to buy Madden 21 coins get him the ball alot...I play with All-Pro and also 89 carries Mccaffrey includes 252 yards that's 2.8 yards a carry.