Ever desired to rock one of those Penn State letterman jackets?

Ever desired to rock one of those Penn State letterman jackets?


Ever desired to rock one of those Penn State letterman jackets? Now's your chance! By designing your own letterman jacket, you can match the impeccable drip student-athletes ooze when lugging round campus at these poor boys. It is a Animal Crossing Bells For Sale wonderful subtle nod to Penn State without becoming all up-in-your confront about it.

As a self-proclaimed washed-up drummer and lifelong Blue Ridge groupie, I couldn't help but recreate the Blue Band's iconic uniform in New Horizons. I paired the sweater using a baseball cap featuring the iconic logo and also a saxophone of the band to tie the outfit together. The trickiest part of this design was the interlocking P and S. I just didn't have enough physical space to faithfully recreate the logo. I'm pretty damn proud of this one!

With no football jersey, look, I could not make a lineup of Penn State outfits. That's just the way it is, folks. I did not, but include the patch celebrating the 150th season of school football. That is ugly.

Can you miss being the ironic man at tailgates who thought he was soooo funny by sporting one of those beauties? Now's your opportunity to reclaim the throne, King. It's simple and somewhat dull, but tasteful. Now that you rounded up your villagers, could get your very own and retake your title as Funny Tailgate Guy.

And although I am still on that post-pep rally high, I did not get a chance to get a shirt during the weekend and put out to create a digital version instead. This was the roughest design to piece together from scratch. Though I did have a symbol to check at while working, it's harder than you would think to draw two astronauts standing on the rings of Saturn on a 32 x 32 grid. That you can get your own swag, it!

While we're all sitting at home, it's difficult not to think back to the memories you created up in Penn State. Why don't you take a trip back? That's right, baby. I am talking about New Student Convocation! You know the drill. Each student receives a t-shirt with a color and logo pertaining to their academic colleges. Obviously, I made my very own featuring a bold hue. This was the very first design where I set out to use lighter and darker colours and I believe it actually helped to flesh out the lion and bring the logo to buy Animal Crossing Bells life. I proudest of the layout.

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