I'Ve Mind That Stab Weapons Are Much Superior

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Alright. . Here's the story. I had been hunting to 99 and guess what? I got tired! Big surprise. I'd love to begin a (F2P) Skiller, however I don't know OSRS gold where to begin... Here are my concerns... A great deal of these (or all of them I'm unsure yet cause I've yet to sort and think them through) are opinion based, so please tell me I should take action.

How much cash should I start off with? 1m? 2m? 10m? I already have methods of getting this cash in a short amount of time (even with low stats ( ^) so that I don't need answers about the best way best to make money. Nonetheless, you can if you'd like. I understand virtually every trick in the book at this point. Question Marks are I would rather do last, due to how slow it is or that I require other skills before I get it done. Should I train my own prayer? I know. . THEN YOU'RE NOT A SKILLER!

Can anybody suggest the best route to enhancing my battle skills - rather quickly please? Any advice on armour, weapons and strategy etc. would be appreciated. The advice manuals only provide general advice but nothing tailored to my needs Stats. In addition, I keep getting conflicting advice from on-line players, causing me to great confusion. Not helped by the fact that I'm 57 years old and you'youngsters' speak another language.The only minor complication here is that for some reason, the sport doesn't want to unlock new flooring until you both have enough XP and you've just finished the floor above the one that Rs 2107 gold you unlock. Because of this, even in the event that you go from order, I recommend saving the flooring that has the exact same amount as your previous progress before last. So in the example above, it'd be best to conserve floor 4 for last, so then instantly unlocks flooring 5 when you have sufficient XP.