Terms of Use

It is important that you read this Agreement carefully and fully understand the terms and conditions before registering, and if you have any objections, you may choose not to access the Software. Once you confirm this user registration agreement, this agreement will have legal effect between you and the Software, which means that you fully agree and accept all the terms of the agreement. Please read it carefully and choose to accept or not to accept the agreement (minors should read it accompanied by a legal guardian).

User Use.
After completing all the registration steps according to the prompts given on the page, the user becomes the user of the Software. The user shall keep the account and password by himself/herself, and use his/her account and password accurately and safely. The Software may provide personalized information services to the User through the User's own settings.

The user fully understands and agrees that the Software provides personalized information services to the user, and the user is responsible for his or her actions under his or her registered account, including any content imported, uploaded or transmitted by the user and any consequences thereof, and the user shall judge the content in the Software by himself or herself and bear all risks arising from the use of the content. The Software shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the User's actions.

Users are responsible for the authenticity, legality, and validity of the information transmitted on the Software, and any legal liability related to the information transmitted by the User shall be borne by the User and not by the Software. Any content recorded by the User in the Software or transmitted through the Services of the Software does not reflect the views or policies of the Software, and the Software is not responsible for them.

If the personal information provided by the user or the published information is not true, accurate or legal; if the published content does not comply with this Agreement or the published content does not comply with laws and regulations, the Software has the right to suspend or terminate the user's use of the Platform's services. If the user has objections to the suspension or termination of the Software or the act of retrieving his account, the customer may submit comments to the platform and request it to continue to provide services. When the Software receives complaints and opinions from customers about such information, it will review the relevant information and give feedback to the user in a timely manner. If the information is indeed untrue or inaccurate or not legally valid, the platform of this software requires the user to provide information that meets the requirements.

For the purpose of avoiding the loss of user terminal data and better serving users, the Software will provide data backup service to registered users. With the authorization of registered users, the Software will upload the data information stored in the Software's database at registered users' terminals to the Software's server and provide recovery services to terminal devices.

Users shall not use the Software service to create, upload, copy, publish, transmit or reproduce the following contents.

that oppose the basic principles established by the Constitution

Those that endanger national security, disclose state secrets, subvert state power, or undermine national unity

Those that damage national honor and interests.

Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining national unity

Undermining national religious policies, promoting evil cults and feudal superstitions

Those that spread rumors, disrupt social order and undermine social stability

Those that spread obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crime

Insulting or slandering others, infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others

Other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.
The software has the right to review the content published by the user, and if the user implements acts that violate the rules of use and laws and regulations described in this article, the software platform has the right, depending on the severity of the act, to require the user to immediately take corrective, corrective, restoring the status quo, eliminating the impact and other acts in accordance with the "Tort Liability Law", "Regulations on the Protection of the Right to Information Network Dissemination" and other laws and regulations, and the software has the right to take its own legal and effective and necessary Measures (including but not limited to change or delete the relevant infringing information, suspend or terminate the user's use of the network services, etc.), while the software reserves the right to further pursue the user's legal responsibility.

At the same time, the forum community section initiators, administrators shall fulfill the obligations appropriate to the rights, laws and regulations of this agreement, and the service providers who violate the legal provisions and agreements, and do not fulfill their responsibilities and obligations shall restrict (change or delete the relevant infringing information, suspend the use) or cancel their management rights in accordance with the law, until banning or closing the relevant account or section.

Users are prohibited from deliberately advertising other competing platforms in any form such as text, voice, pictures, etc.; they are also prohibited from advertising non-Software contact information in the same way, and if they have chatting needs, they may inform listeners to use the Software to contact them by private message.

Some of the features of this software will generate information costs, the specific tariff standards are based on the prices announced by the telecommunications operators used by the user, and this part of the cost should be borne by the user.

The services provided by the Software may include advertisements, and the User agrees to display advertisements provided by the Software and third party suppliers and partners in the course of use. If the user has a dispute with a third party regarding the services and products provided by the third party, the user and the third party shall settle the dispute on their own and the Software shall not be held responsible.

The Software reserves the right to unilaterally change, suspend, restrict, terminate or withdraw all or part of the service content provided by its servers at any time without any notice due to business development needs.

Hosts should try to promote the growth and self-improvement of their visitors; they should avoid negative conclusions that may negatively suggest to users or make them dependent on the Host in their future lives.

Hosts can earn star votes through gifts from listeners.

Live broadcast will consume the power of communication equipment and shorten the usage time of the equipment; you should be ready to charge during the live broadcast to avoid the live broadcast from suddenly dropping out and affecting the live broadcast effect.